Monday, November 26, 2007

Party Animals!

OK, now that there is a surge of pre Christmas interest in the blog, or post thanksgiving for our American friends, I think it's time to circle the wagons and meet for a "Christmas Drinks thing!" (yes I thought that up all on my own).

The last one was great, lovely to meet everyone for the first time but as a stay at home mum (for the present at least) I miss the messy time to be had in pubs in the run up to Christmas! You know the fun that ends in one girl crying in the bathroom and a guy doing a strip on the bar? Fun memories!

So come on SL, organise it! I vote for Friday the seventh of December! Oh and a nice tacky bar! Nowhere tasteful! Any suggestions?


  1. Here's the party animal in me saying...

    Can it not be that night? The PTA is throwing a Winter Market the next day at school, and I"m bakingbakingbaking for it, as well as helping out with 29 other things.

    Don't make me have a hangover in the middle of the Winter Market!

    And if anyone wants one, the raffle has great prizes, includling a helicopter trip to Brook Lodge, with lunch! Just let me know and I'll get ye tix. 3 euro a pop, book of 6 for 15 euro.

  2. I can't make the 7th!! I'm out with a bunch of girls that night!

  3. twice....God I need a night out badly don't I?

  4. Hmm. I suppose it has to be a weekend night. Husband always giggin. Chances are he'll be doing so in a crappy pub, I don't suppose you all fancy a bop?

    I should be available - no-one's invited me to anything yet! Why have I no Christmas social life?

    Are we doing Chris Kringle? I mean Kindle, don't I...

  5. Ooo, saucy Jo! "Are we doing Chris Kringle?" You mean the red suit turns you on?

  6. I can't do Sat 8 cause I'm off to Germany for 2 days. I can do Fri 7th. Please don't leave me out againnnnnnnn. I hate missing the parties. I know you all do it on purpose.

  7. I have a date on friday the 8th....I'll just tyoe that again...I have my frist ever date on the 8th December.....Oh God Panic attack!

  8. I am SO lad we're meeting or coffe and I get to talk frantically with you about this!

  9. Frankly or frantically Jo? :-) You know I do know about the birds and the bees....And I won't sleep with him on the first date! God I might not be able to shake hands on the first date!

  10. Right so. Someone has to take charge of this!

    I'm going to put out potential dates and respond with the ones you're available for.

    Fri 7th, Sat 8th, Fri 14th, Sat 15th. I presume the following weekend is too close to Christmas.

    What dates suit yiz?

    I'm not around on the 7th as I'm babysitting for MW or the 15th as I'm up in Belfast.

  11. 'Messy night out in the pubs', MW!? Did you not just post some pious drivel a while back about how self-righteous it made you feel to NOT drink when you went out to a club with everyone around you getting pissed and you judging them mercilessly before jumping, unintoxicated, into your car and trying to run them all over on your way home....
    Hmm, well I'm glad you've gotten over THAT!! As for availability I will not be home until the 20th at the earliest so I am going to miss drinks AGAIN, feck!

  12. ok friday the 14th looks good or saturday the 15th but SDL cant make that.