Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gym Bunnies!

I have joined the gym (again), in the past I have always let other things get in my way, the kids or my partner or bloody housework! It seemed selfish to take an hour to my self every couple of days! But now I am being self centered, and going to the gym every morning, an hour alone without the kids, 5km walked on the thread mill or a good swim in the pool! I'm loving it!

But it struck me this morning while walking, listening to my MP3 player that gyms, to anyone who's never been to one might be scary places! There is all the high tech equipment, the fit little girl instructors and the muscle bound male instructors! Never mind the real fear, that the machines are too close together and that's actually not MY sweat on my face!!!!

But in reality the gym is not full of tight assed fitness freaks, my experience is that is is full of a mixture of all sorts of everyone! I think that gym locker rooms are the best place to improve your self confidence and acceptance! There you will find old women with boobs around their knees, young skinny girls with piercings, mums with multiple tummys and basically any size of person you could ever meet! These women all walk around in the nip, the only people who get looked at strangely are the shrinking violets who think they have something nobody else has as they hide behind their towel!

I think anyone feeling insecure about them would feel much better if they went to the gym on a regular basis, they don't need to exercise, all they need to do is spend an hour in the changing room! Now guys I know you'd love to do the same but I think they have rules about things like that!


  1. me too, just joined a gym! I find it's full of old people!! (I'm there in the mornings).

    good luck with the new you!

  2. Wow, except for a single full stop in aquaasho's comment, there was nothing! but! exclamation! points!

    Your energy levels are inspiring!!

    :-) !

  3. it's those endorphins! rushing around our bodies! fills us with exclamation points! Ben Dunne should use that in his next radio ad! I know Ash, there are a lot of oldies in the morning, when I go but also a lot of mummies!

  4. Exercise should be one of the 7 deadly sins, thou shalt not enter a gym. It's all evil I tell you. Ok it takes me 5 minutes to recover from walking up 10 steps but I can't stress how much I abhor exercise, it bores me to the core. The whole endorphin arguement doesn't work for me. I may get fatter but I have a long life ahead of me regardless of the non-fitness so its ok.