Wednesday, November 28, 2007

good old operation freeflow

Ah jesus isnt it great that the gardai are on their Christmas holidays already, yep operation freeflow came into action today or (operation go slow as us Irish fondly know it), and as usual they added 15 minutes to journeys no matter where in Dublin you are based.

I do have to laugh at the purpose of this system, it is meant to speed up traffic in the run up to Christmas, but that must be hard if your garda arse is resting up against a wall or if you are standing around looking like a spare. I believe this operation is actually for the new recruits and is something similar to the leaving cert oral exams which you do before the main tests themselves. You can hear it now "right Michael if you do well waving this orange stick around and dont look like to much of a plank we will let you progress in police academy".

Possibly though it is some sort of Jedi training except they are not allowed full light sabers until they pass this Christmas exam.

There was one Garda though which did make me laugh on my 15 minute late express bus!!!

He was to be found on Leeson Street, and he honestly believed he was Darth Maul, he was standing in the middle of the road and a little old lady was in the wrong lane, instead of being in the middle lane she moved to the left hand lane and the garda started waving his little light saber furiously at her telling her she had to go left , I dont think she paid much attention to the 18 year old wannabe, but he really reminded me of Cartman in Southpark where he donned a Police Uniform wanting folk to respect his "autharitauh"


  1. The one good thing about being a late person like me with a parking space in town is that you miss the traffic. I can leave home at 9.20 and get in for 10. By bus I'd have to leave at 8.40. And in the evening I miss the traffic too.

  2. i'm positive that i saw a garda asleep standing up, in the middle of a grass verge, at the spawell this morning!

  3. My bus? Leaving me in an average of 15 minutes late each of the last 2 mornings. One of us want to call Joe Duffy?