Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So I got had my break up haircut done last week, you know the song from South Pacific, not happy talk, but "Wash that man right out of my hair", well I went one step further and cut that man right out of my hair!

I went to a different hair dresser than usual, totally different salon. The thought of explaining the change in my circumstances to my very emotional hair dresser didn't appeal to me! I think he probably would have gone out to string up my ex, even though he is just a hairdresser not a friend.
The new place was fine, and the girl was lovely, she was a big girl like me and she was great fun and telling her I was separated from my partner was OK, because she didn't know the background.

When I sat down I just said I want a totally different look, snip, snip, snip! Loads of hair dropping around me on the floor, loads! And the result? I have a POB, you know the weird slanty bod Posh Spice has! I like it, it's different, someone said it was classy, I was disgusted, I wanted slutty (joke)!

So I have the new do, now I'm debating the colour, I have highlights now, I suppose I get them done cos they brighten me up, but I'd love really dark! Maybe next time!

Btw my ex partner got himself a new cut too, new hairdresser too! Why do we do that?


  1. For one who hates hairdressers, you're very brave about them...

  2. It's the NEW me.....she's doing all the things she's scared off, at least three things a day!

  3. Fair play. I've had the same haircut for 26 years.

  4. I'm with Milan I've had the same do for donkeys years. I'm so boring.

    Fair play to ya!

  5. I've gone to the same lad for years, regardless of what ya ask for you get the same cut