Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vulvas Vulvas

I've been planning to buy a duvet for ages now, so I hotfooted it to Debenhams on MW's recommendation. While there, I noticed handbags are on sale - Radley ones, my favourites, some even half price... thank god the baby was narky (Id forgotten to feed him!) so I left before giving in to temptation - I have a list of necessaries - a car service (my NCT is a year late), dental work, a winter coat, a new mattress for my daughter, a new computer... and I have no cash and a big visa bill, why do I tell myself I can have new handbag?

Ironically, my friend just sent me this site, which helped put me of the concept of a new bag: but I much prefer this.

Not on a par with Polka's perfume, but it's a nice addition to the collection!


  1. I love Radley, I have a little pink bag I got for my 30th! I've joined Weight Watchers, my first time ever, and if I lose 3 stone I'm buying myself a radley, 7 pounds down only 35 pounds to go!

  2. It's a good reward! I'd be tempted to cheat, and include the husband-weight you've shed already;)

    I'm looking forward to the WW posts (Wibbly Wobblies as a friend called it!).

  3. It's a make of Swedish car, Tib.

    As for your undoubtedly filthy site Jo my employer has just banned me from accessing it. Thanks for making me look like a prevert.

  4. Thanks SL, I thought it was the dude from Star Trek