Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm in Therapy!

I'm in therapy! Somethings have been happening in my life recently that I've been finding difficult to deal with, and there are some changes I need to make in my life, so I've started to attend a therapist. I had my second session this evening. She is a lovely lady, a bit like Barbara Woodhouse (remember SIT!) she wears a lot of beige and brown, I'm taking advice from a woman with no style.

I was a therapy virgin, the thought of it really scared me so last week when I got there I had no idea what to expect. I talk, she listens, she gives no advice and I just talk until I find the solution for myself. Now I think therapy would work for someone who isn't great at talking about things, or facing up to things, but for me it seems kind pointless!

I have verbal diarrhea I just talk and talk, and talk! I also make jokes, trying to make her laugh! Then I think, oh God I'm trying to make her laugh, she's gonna think I'm mad! So I talk and talk and she listens and listens, repeating things I say sometimes that she wants me to notice, the revelations.... "So you say that made you feel rejected?", Oh my God what a revelation, when my mum left me to work I felt like rejected! No!

I have another four sessions, a friend told me it only works if you want it to work, if you believe! I don't know if I believe in it, Clap your hands children if you believe in fairies! So fingers crossed, I'll keep you updated, wish me luck!


  1. Um, no. No no. There are good therapists and bad therapists, and one woman's revalatory experience is somone elses aasted cash.

    Find someone who suits yu and who you feel confident in. It's a hard task I think, but it should feel worthwhile,I think. Ive been there with the pointless talking.

    I think what therapy should ideally do is give you tactics and strategies to get you where you want to go - she shouldn't be telling you what to do, but she shoud be equipping you ith ways to do it.

    Barbara Wodehouse is not the one for you!!

  2. She won't do tactics Jo....I asked, I said I'd like some coping devices, just for when I'm feeling stressed! I have commited to the next four weeks...and I'm gonna stick to it. But then I think I'll look for something (someone) different!

  3. Always wanted to do therapy. Probably the Woody Allen obsessive in me.