Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Busy busy busy

It's almost Thanksgiving.  Yep, turkey day in the US.  We celebrate it here, cause..well, why not?  It's Christmas Lite, really.  No ham, but most of the same recipes.  But we have a fun new way to do it.
Remember, I have (minor) food allergies.  Our oldest son has more severe ones, and now we've found out the younger (11 months) has 'em too.  This is now our list:
raw onions
raw carrots
raw celery
green Skittles
Just think what our breakfast table is like.  Forget that...we can't really do much takeaway anymore!
So with Christmas coming, at least I can test some recipes for Thanksgiving.  Since we're still learning how to bake with soy flour.  It's a whole new world, let me tell you.  I thought dairy and eggs were hard...HA!  
Anyway, Turkey Day is coming, and I have turkey. Will brine it tomorrow.  Now I need to hunt down fresh cranberries and sweet potatoes.  And make marshmallows.  What am I doing posting all this, instead of doing it?  Procrastinating :-D!


  1. I love that cartoon....that makes me bad! Happy Turkey Day!

  2. Fair play trying to sort that out. So which of the foods do you miss most? For me it would be the potatoes. My ma was diagnosed as ceoliac at 75 & that's bad enough. Then again I could be allergice to loads of foods that I don't know about yet.

  3. Midge, I love it too. Bad Polka!

    We've only been off wheat for 2 weeks (one more and we get to try him on it...well, try me on it, since I'm nursing him). I'd say...bread, bread bread, and maybe bread? :-)

    Actually, since my allergies at the raw carrot and celery, it's really really hard for me to not have those. I grew up with lots of raw veggies for snacking, and to know that I can't have those again, like, EVAH, is really hard to deal with. I do have salvation in celery seed, that helps with the flavor, but there isn't any carrot seed that I can have that has the same crunch :-).

    When I'm on the elimination diet, it's all about bread (now), and milk chocolate. But since I went dairy free for the older boy from when he was 18 months to 3 y4mo, it's not such a huge effort for me this time 'round.