Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm a lady i'll have you know.

Came across this by accident (really) on youtube the other night:

It's amazing how beautiful they are and how feminine. Then I wondered to myself, is it because I'm white and I don't detect Asian distinctions that they look so feminine; maybe your average Thai punter can spot a ladyboy a mile off. Then I further digressed and wondered, if that indeed was the case, would a Thai person look at a very obvious white man in drag and not know that it's a man?

I've been getting different stories about the tradition and origins of the ladyboys since, I don't really know anything about them. One person said they're the son that stays at home to look after aging parents. Someone else said they have a privileged place in Thai society. I need to suss.


  1. On a not to far off the point related somewhat, don't judge me on this one, topic.

    I've watched every shite television show known to man here in the past 7 days, The View, Ellen, Regis and Some Bimbo, you name it I've sat through it.

    One of them, The Maury Show - think Springer with a conscience if you can - had a load of young ones half dressed on on Halloween, the challenge was to guess how many of the ten were chicks with dicks.

    Test yourselves here...clicj on stumped to get the answer. It's a hard task.

  2. I was fooled by Sugar, Cupcake and Pumkin.