Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In the eye of the beholder...

I don't know if I've brought this up before, do you ever find that there are celebrities famed for their good looks, that you don't see any beauty in at all. We all must have a few. Here are some of mine:

Nope, never found him in any way attractive, ever. I go to his films lately cause he's been in some great ones, but I still squirm at his leechiness.

Richard Gere was always been very slimy.

Newbie but still not good looking.

I can't say that I've never seen the pretty side of Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise but they are not pretty enough to get past their personalities. On the women side, I don't really like the big lips look, I find them a bit disgusting in fact and hence I don't find Angelina or Scarlett in anyway heavenly.


  1. Hollywood seems to go for girly men I think. I prefer the likes of Andy Garcia...mmmmhhh.

  2. Jaysus Gere's hair should be credited with a supporting role.

  3. Interesting - I'm with you on Gere and Reese-Meyers but I find Brad Pitt and Sir Gorgeous George compulsively attractive, and I like Angelina and Scarlett, though Angelinas lips are a bit freaky sometimes - especially when she's so thin.

  4. I completely agree regarding Jonathan Rhys Meyers - I just think he's odd looking, but all my female friends find him swoonaliscious! I found Gere attractive in Pretty Woman, so am guessing I found the "character" attractive moreso than the actor, as he has done nothing for me since! Im a George Clooney nut though, I think he is a handsome devil! Another one I dont get however is Jude Law. I just dont see it! Now Clive Owen on the other hand, he is just so ruggedly handsome - he's like a sexy lumberjack!

  5. Well here's one for ya. If I could be anyone in Hollywood, three names spring to mind. Clooney, obviously, got the killer good looks, charisma, makes very smart movies. John Cusack. Nuff Said. And Johnny Depp; weird, slightly creepy yet with ethereal good looks.

    Have seen Angelina in the flesh ladies, one of the skinniest, most miserable looking people I've ever passed in a corridor. Very, very unsexy.

  6. Mossie, that's funny cause I totally get Jude Law and Andy Garcia of couse, but he's getting a bit on these days. I do love Pretty Woman of course, it's the best ever rom-com.

  7. I think Angelinas misery is to do with the act hat having her baby and her mother die around the same time has made her too stressed and miserable to eat...