Friday, November 02, 2007

More ramblings from the bored kid in the corner

Hi all....

Here's an updated view of North American through the eyes of a lonely Paddy.

You'll be all glad to hear that the Dalai Lama got top class reviews. The hotel over the road is now playing host to Posh Spice who is flogging a book. Oh if the walls in the top class suite could talk.

Starbucks apparently doesn't do the same business here as Tim Horton's. He was a hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs who was pretty handy according to my taxi driver today.

Like OJ Simpson, Tim Horton never murdered his wife but failed to publish his hypothethcial account of how he would have done so. For research purposes and also because I'm interested in the role of the media as a social guardian I purchased the infamous book and read it in one sitting. It reads like a confession, he says stuff that apparently was known in some circles but never mentioned in court, the only line where he says it's not a confession comes on page 123, after claiming that a long lost friend "Charlie" came with him to Nicole's house he warns readers to "picture this - and keep in mind, this is hypothetical". There's no graphic description of what happened, just the buildup to it, the grappling and then OJ's left in a pool of blood. The vast amount of the 202 pages is spent trying to paint himself as the saint and her as the basket case who drove him to the edge. There's an excellent theory that OJ is taking the hit for his son Jason. If you're into the trial this might be worth watching.

The whole of the US is now going nuts because Lance Armstong is throwing it into one of the Olsens. In reality she's probably just after his steroids.

On a much lighter note I spent the evening at that Queen musical We Will Rock You. It's excellent, I'd forgotten how many good tunes they had......well no I hadn't really, Queen never really registered in the Gracci household growing up, I was only 10 when Freddie Mercury died so all I know of them really has come from listening to radio. Can any of the elder lemons explain why John Deacon has been written out of Queen history? There's no mention of him at all in the musical or programme to go with it?

Aside from all that I spent a considerable time watching this Japanese gameshow today.


  1. I would LOVE to see that Queen musical!!

    There's a few branches of that Tim Horton thing over here, there was a big thing about the drive through version opening near the m50 recently!

    my post is a bit pointless :(

    enjoy the rest of ur trip! :)

  2. My husband was most impressed with TH donuts but I'll always miss Dunkin Donuts, though they made me fat in college...

    We loved their sandwiches and used to have a running soap opera with the characters who worked there - scary people. It started with Fat Boy, then there was Fat Girl, Swarthy Foreigner and a host of others. One newbie couldn't handle the training and cut my friend's sandwich horizontally instead of diagonally, so she couldn't fit it in the little grease proof bag - she handed it to her wih each half in a bag instead.

    Looking back, we fancied ourselves as so superior - how shit it must have been for Fat Boy et al to have to make lunch for up themselves students day after day!

  3. TB - i love the part 2 with all the updates. You could do a new gossip version of that rear window film, or whatever it was called.