Friday, November 02, 2007

TV links......

Its the story that has rags to riches, mystery and injustice rolled into one. Anyone I know who's net-friendly used tv-links, it was great, came out of nowhere and was extremely useful. Then it turns out it was created by a mysterious 26 year old from Cheltenham. I'm curious to know who he is (or she). Then s/he got arrested and the site closed down and the pleas of injustice were voiced, as the small man got caught while the bigger men escaped. There are other link sites, but they're not the same.

The part I liked best is the fact that it shows that the net has a community of viewers just like television does.

I'm not happy with this post but I'm gonna let it go anyway.


  1. What on earth are you on about Milan.......?

  2. I believe it to be those sites where you can watch pirated (don't say it loud, Bill Gates might hear) online streams of TV shows.

    I use which is much better I think

  3. I use alluc now to but I find the colours a bit loud.

  4. SL - check out tv links on wikipedia and you'll understand. It was the 26th most viewed site in UK, exceeding sky.

  5. Here is some information for you lol

    The Site was run by a GUY from the UK. He did get arrested but got away without any charges, but obviously could use the old TV links domain anymore

    So he has started a new site called the tv links db

    which can be located at TVLinks