Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Night of my Nights....

Play on the cymbal, the timbal, the lyre;
Play with appropriate passion.
Fashion songs of delight and delicious desire
For the night of my nights.
Come where the so well beloved is waiting,
Where the rose and the jasmine mingle
While I tell her the moon is formating
And 'tis sin to be single!

Let peacocks and monkeys in purple adornings
Show her the way to my bridal chamber,
Then get you gone 'til the morn of my mornings
After the night of my nights!
'Tis the night of my nights!
'Tis the night of my nights!

This is what it means to be courted. I want jasmine and peacocks in purple adornings. Kismet has it all: romance of middle age middle East, cinderella fairytale, Borodin's melodies, 50s melodrama, 90s sarcastic humour, lovely outfits, lovely dancing, lovely lyrics and all kinds of good things. My favourite old school musical after Sound of Music. I wonder though should it be "moon is for mating" not "formating"? I don't know.


  1. You may be setting your standards ever so slightly too high for the rest of the human race Milan ;)

  2. I have found and downloaded Borodine's original classics of "And This Is My Beloved" and "Stranger in Paradise." So Beautiful! But haven't found the original for "Night of My Nights." Any ideas? Cheers...Jay in Sedona, Az.