Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cute and not so cute Mice - the Sequel

I love Maisy, she's so cute and aaaaaah like - unlike the scary baby mice that are back in my bedroom. Yes we thought they were gone, I found the mouse holes, blocked them with socks, laid traps for old time sake and nothing stirred for a few weeks........then a few days ago they came back and we've caught 2 so far.

But this time I mean business so today I went out and bought a rodent repellent, 45 euro, uses electro magnetic something and mousy sonar sounds to keep them moving on. Let's hope it works.


  1. I hope the sonar device doesn't make your dreams turn a putrid green and give you the urge to burrow your way into your pillow. :-)

  2. There's some mad outbreak going on at the minute, the number of people who've had rodent issues in the last couple of weeks is nuts. It must be down to all the building work going on.

    Mate of mine, Rapture Ponies, she comments here from time to time found a dead one in the washing machine last week. I think she'd boiled him.

  3. tiberius! i would like to correct that story, he was not boiled, but appears to have been baked...in the drier. I nearly lost my life when i opened the door and thought what's that piece of fluff...

    since then i've found one with his head snapped in half while his little mouth was actually on a lump of cheese.

    My mam was trying to get me to move it and she said go on your dad and i will be very proud if you put it outsiede. I'm 23.