Monday, November 26, 2007


Dear Mr. Produce Person:

When I ask you for sweet peppers and you say "Yes, right here.", I mean SWEET PEPPERS.  Even when I double check and you say "Yes, sweet ones."....


Chopped them.  Realized.  Had partner take a small taste.  He chugged a glass of milk.  I still have hot pepper oil under my fingers (yes, washed with milk and then with vinegar, then with dish soap) and rubbed my eye.

Thanks very much, Mr. Produce Person.


  1. There was a very funny chain email doing the rounds about a lad who got hot chilli oil on his ding dong. I'm presuming having had an incident like yours you probably wouldn't find it funny.

  2. Ah yes, the sensitive membrane thing.....sore! But I belive there are some strange people who enjoy pain? Maybe you could provide a service for the local perverts!

  3. Boo!

    Isn't there a serious size differece between sweet and hot peppers? Or can you get little sweet ones and if so whats the difference between them and bell peppers? I'm intrigued.

  4. MW, the nearest pervs are....well. Never mind.

    Jo, the peppers were the large pointed variety (man, that sounds phallic). Atreus points out that they were not the short, fat, stubby ones. (Well, I think we found the local perv.)

    Anyway, they looked like sweet peppers that are pointy. I honestly was stunned when they were so hot (first felt a burn on my fingers, then got a tingle in my throat, just from cutting them.) You shoulda seen his face when he put a small piece on his tongue!! I don't think the piece even got in his mouth!!

  5. I don't know my peppers from my elbow. But I did make roast vegetable soup for the first time tonight and laced it with salt and pepper - of the small black flecks kind.