Monday, November 26, 2007


Ok i thought i better introduce myself a bit and all. I've already started this about 4 times, and then thought better of it.
I do enjoy this blog v much, and i'm looking forward to adding to it, it'll prob be mostly stuff that i pick up on the net and the like, i don't really know yet!

Anywho thanks for inviting me and all! :)

*this post was not in any way the clever post i was hoping it would be!


  1. Hi RP,
    Great having some new blood on board! You are one of Tib's friend which means you'll help bring down the mean age of us all! I remember Tib as a spotty teenager!

  2. welcome to hell RP, looking forward to reading your posts.

  3. It's not hell, don't listen to him, it's not that interesting! Welcome!

    What's raptureponies, may I ask?

  4. I want your pink hair. Can I have it please??

  5. I will admit that I got in the middle of a flame war a while back with Tib and RP and have copies of incriminating photos of both of them that they were kind enough to share with me. Watch out for them here if their post rates start to drop :)