Thursday, November 29, 2007

that friday feeling... on a thursday?

Does anyone else think today feels like a Friday? All day today it has felt, to me, like a Friday. Isn't it funny that days have a "feeling"? Like the way Monday, depending on your mood (or job!) either has a crappy start of the week feeling or a fresh start to a new week feeling. Tuesday is a real nothing feeling, like it's not Monday but nowhere near Friday.
And doesn't Saturday morning look completely different to a work-day morning? I know right now you're probably thinking: She came out of blogging hibernation to write this nonsense? But seriously, doesn't each day have a unique feeling? And then there's the uniqe-est day of 'em all: Christmas Day. I was going to also mention one's birthday having a special feeling but in recent years mine doesn't. Is everyone like that once you get past 30? You're birthday loses that special glowy feeling it used to have?

Just wondering...I haven't been drinking....really....(and I almost avoided the use of my favourite punctuation mark....!)


  1. You may not have been drinking but how many crunchies have you eaten? I hate thursday and Tuesday! I find them just inbetween days!

  2. You are so right about birthdays! Ugh, don't talk to me I've given up trying to make mine feel special, I've decided.

  3. Not that you should resist buying me lavish birthday presents...

  4. birthdays are like new year. You want them to be special but they can never live up to expectation.