Monday, November 26, 2007

Why can't good be all good...

Good always has some bad and bad always has some good. I think the ultimate wish would be to experience any pure good thing without the negative element:

eating chocolate without putting on weight;
experiencing sun without having to travel or wear sun cream;
drinking without the hangover;
getting full activity back on the blog without the pressure of having to keep up with all the new posts;
lying in without missing half the day;
experiencing caffeine happiness without the caffeine palpitations;
being fit without having to do any exercise for it;
watching box sets/read/net without wasting all your free time;
experiencing good fortune without the ensuing guilt.
becoming proficient in all manner of academic subjects, without putting in the effort or time to study.

You might say that there's growth in the getting there and it's good to have both sides but I disagree. I want the end and not the middle. Learning from bad experiences is overrated, I can learn as much from my 24-7 pass-the-time self-analysis than I can from having bad done on me. Lazy is my middle name, I want it all without the effort, I always related to that line in the Alanis Morrissette song "there's an obvious attraction to the path of least resistance in your life" it's meant to be a bad thing but it's not, it's the ultimate in desire. Everyone should want this way.


  1. I would like that babel fish experience of being able to plug a little chip into my ear nad play hte cello istantly....

  2. Milan, I think you are a lovely person, but you are totally wrong on this one...sorry! Think of all the wonderful things that come along when you least expect them? Say Jo you wanted to learn how to play an instrument and you went to lessons, who knows what kind of experiences you might have, what people you might meet! Life is waht happens when you are doing other things! We just don't notice it! We have free will, if we eat the choc we get fat (and sick) if we drink the bottle of wine we get sick (and fat!)

    I belive in the universe showing us the way, if we are really living then we will go in the right direction, and when you are doing that even if it gets hard it's always worth it. Every experience can be positive, think of people who have terminal illness, people in the concentration camps, human beings are at their best sometimes when faced with really awful situations, often it's only when facing something terrifying that we actually become conscious enough to see our lives for waht they are..sorry...Ranting time of the month?

  3. sorry I'm ranting again aren't I? Maybe going to the gym is turning me into a positive freak.....

  4. It's only a problem when you start saying 'my therapist says...' - which you won't need to worry about if she never says anything! )

  5. I disagree too Milan, the only things in life genuinely worth having are those you have to fight for or go through a trial to get.

  6. You're all missing my point. What if life wasn't built that way and you could have good things and learn lots of things without having to put up with trials. You're answering from a real world point of view, I'm answering from a fantasy utopia point of view where no pain or strain exists.

  7. Sorry Milan, I don't do Utopia! :-)I suppose I belive anything worth having is gonna hurt a bit!