Sunday, December 09, 2007

And so this is Christmas

Well nearly. I'm one of those dreadfully annoying people that LOVES Christmas. I love all the decorations, especially the really tacky ones, i love being around all the people that i don't get to see for teh rest of the year, i love having my family around on Christmas day and thereabouts and i love the little things we all do together. Sickening i know.

Anywho i got to thinking about Christmas rituals. (not in a weird animal sarificing way). it might sound a bit lame, but i make my brothers come over, 'cos they are all about being the girlfriends/wife's house, and we sit down with my dad. The projector thing comes out, and we have a marathon star wars or lord of the rings session. it's usually LOTR, and it's the best fun ever. The sitting room is turned into a mini cinema, we sit around, get drunk, eat turkey sambos nyom nyom and that sort of lark. I't seven better than Christmas day i believe. My mam even throws her head around the door to check on us every now and again.

Anywho was wondering what does everyone else love love love about Christmas. I'm gonna make enemies here with this wuss talk!

Happy Christmas by the way!


  1. I love the stuffing! Best bit of christmas is stuffing and turkey sandwiches! But you see I have kids, and once you have kids you can't sit and drink and watch the tv you want (well unless you want social services sniffing around) so I'll spend a lot of time putting crappy plastic stuff together then fixing it when it breaks, coping with over tired, over full kids, maybe have some vomit to deal with (not my own!)
    I loved christmas when I was younger, because I wasn't the one organising it for the kids!
    People actually laugh when I say I never drink at christmas, it's just too tiring and stressful!
    But when the kids are asleep and I've found somewhere to stash all the presents then I will sit with a cup of Earl Grey and my sandwiches!

  2. I'm a complete Christmas fanatic! I can't wait to put up the tree in my own home for the first time! I even have (and I probably shouldn't admit it in such a public forum) a chocolate advent calendar counting down the days!

  3. An Advent calander???? Is it Dr Who? It is isn't it?

  4. I love it too - though I never do it as well as I want to. Too much tidying involved. I love the tree. I ove th food - red cabbage, scalloped potatoes (uuuugggghhhh), mushroom and nut stuffing, roast potatoes, peas... but Im alway to stressed out to really taste them on Christmas day so we do it all again with the leftovers on Stephen's day and its always far more chilled and funn, somehow. Sweets in front of the telly. Films though, and specials, not soaps and quiz shows - why i don't like spending the evening with my in laws!
    I love opening the presents and et that come-down feeling when the last one is done - all over for another 365 days!

    I'm such a child. See, RP you're not alone!

  5. I love christmas! I'm living abroad at the moment and it's my first Christmas aways from home so determined to make it as christmassy as possible. There is a group of 10 of us planning christmas day together with all the trimmings and though it won't be the same, I'm really looking forward to it.

    My favourite things about christmas are: Unlimited pringle eating, going for a walk with my family and dog after christmas dinner all wrapped up in scarves and hats, watching the soap specials with my parents, christmas eve drinks at the local with people I haven't seen since the same night the year before, Stuffing, seeing everyone so happy.

  6. Me to. Love it all. The tackyness, the gluttony, the spiritual side, the lazing around, the playing with the kids, the partying like mad, the meeting up with everyone, the chilling in the house for a week after, the telly-fest, the same routine every year and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's the best time of year.