Sunday, December 09, 2007

"Joanne the Taxi Fairy!"

If you are interested in knowing how my date went the other night you are gonna have to click onto my own personal Midget wrangler blog! (cross promotion?) This story takes up about twenty minutes where that one ended!

So I was waiting in a taxi Q on Stephens green, Friday night, huge Christmas party night so even though it wasn't even one in the morning yet it was busy...really busy, 50 people in front of me? Now it was moving fairly well, and I was sober and didn't need to wee so I was happy to stand there people watching and texting! There was a bit of aggro and one point when a guy tried to get in front of a rather narky looking middle aged couple! He smelt (quite nicely) of Wacky Backy! That bit of drama averted, the queue moved on, for some reason at one point an English guy took a photo of the line, "Hey Henry show us your photos from Dublin....Wow, and what do they call this? T A X I? oh how strange!"

I waited, getting more and more excited as the q moved, thinking about my lovely bed waiting at home and how I was gonna get to write my post about my date! Now, I was next, along came a taxi, and lo and behold a lady who looked like a cross between Amy Winehouse and Patsy from Ab Fab swayed over to me, "where are you going?", "Blackrock", I answered, "I'm going to Kiliney, could we share?" she hiccuped. My mind now is spinning, woman is in a different time zone than I am, she might puke on my velvet jacket, but she is well dressed and I don't get a bad vibe off her (I've also been pissed in town shattered and had to queue for an hour for a taxi), sad yes, bad no! "Sure!" and in we pop!

Now we are on our way and there is an awkward silence, so me being me, I ask her was she out at a work "do" tonight, she was it turns out in the Fitzwilliam (yummy cocktails there) and she worked in television. So she asked what were you doing out tonight, and well, me being me, I tell her the story about it being the first date and the separation, she is fascinated by it, mostly by the positive attitude I have and the fact that I haven't made a purse from my ex husbands scrotum! She told me her name was Joanne and that she was married longer than I had been (she was mid forties) they had no children and she was lonely, that even though I was alone I wasn't as lonely as she was! Now we spoke some more and I was home, I hugged her goodbye and went to pay the driver, Joanne said,nope I'm paying for this, I was gonna insist, but she lives in Kiliney, travels the world and works in TV?? So I said thanks and headed into my little ex council house!

You are probably thinking why is she telling us this stupid story? Well my life is going through a metamorphosis at the moment and if Joanne had approched (if she had) six months ago I would have said no, I was a much more closed person, more fearful, so I would have missed out on a lovely experience, which i think was very positive for both of us! Also I'd had my date that evening and I'd run away when he tried to kiss me goodnight so I was feeling a bit upset and worried as to whether I was doing the right thing, this small positive experience felt like a sign from the universe that I am heading in the right direction and that good things are happening to me, I just have to be open enough to accept them into my life!

I told a friend this story yesterday, now he is a pinnacle of cynicism and he said years ago when he was young and foolish and dabbled (well nearly drowned) in drugs things like this would happen and they called them "Mad little Events!" They were odd people you met or situations you found yourself in because you were more reckless (he also asked did she steal my purse)! I think it's more than that, I think the energy in the universe wants us to go in the right direction, it's always sending us signs to show us where we should be heading and sometimes we are open to that but other times we aren't!


  1. I think we're far too suspicious as a society. There's 9 Joanne's out there for every 1 Gouger who'd rob you.

    Don't know if anyone of you have ever tried to give stranded tourists directions. You know the way you see them nearly standing into a map on O'Connell Street trying to navigate Dublin City Centre. If you were to ask them if they needed help you see some back off straight away. (I know other people who've had the same experience in case you think it's just me looking like an axe-murderer)

    We need to open up and share the love a bit more!

  2. I'm totally with Tib on this one. I am one of those headcases that loves being asked for directions by randomers and hate it when they pass me buy for the less threatening looking head just up from me (actually there's a tangental post on that - mental note).

    Yay for the Joannes of this world!

  3. Modern society can be so cold can't it? We are all human beings we should be about helping each but we aren't are we?

  4. Oh, me too. We're so altruistic round here! Having taught TEFL for so many years, I almost follow tourists round, giving directions, lifts, advice, correcting their English...

  5. Nope I don't believe we are altruistic, because we do get something out of it! We feel good when we help someone, therefore we are getting something from it and it's not altruistic!

  6. But you could argue yourself out of the existence of anything that way....

  7. I love meeting kindred spirits whilke drunk. One night I was in an unamed dublin eaterie, having a well earned bag of chips at around 3am and decided to use the bathroom. A guy was coming in behind me so we both arrived in the same time. There was just one bathroom so being a gentleman he allowed me in first but it was very quiet and I knew he'd be able to hear the goings on behind the door which unsettled me in my drunken state. Of course, I had no problem telling him this at the time so he proceeded to sing while I used the loo - then asked if I would do the same for him. I think we probably ended up singing in the toliet for about 10 minutes in total between drying the hands and laughing. I'm sure if I remembered what he looked like and met him in a sober situation, I'd wouldn't be able to look him in the eye, hilarious though!

  8. MW - that's a great story, I love those type of things too. Last year my sister was doing nixer at U" in Croker and I was passing (could have been coming back from your place) and so gave her a lift. While waiting to Drogheda lads offered me 200e to drop them home. I rang the taxi co. & with no joy there I ended up dropping them to Santry and hailing them a cab from there. Everyone said I was mad helping them but I think they're all wrong. I always help strangers and talk to random punters and stretch personal security to the limit.

    MW - re altruism, this is a bigger philosophical arguement. I used to think the same then a friend last yr said to me that just because an event has a positive consequence (as it always will) doesn't mean an event isn't altruistic. Altruism doesn't have to mean the absence of positive outcome.