Friday, December 07, 2007


So tonight is the night of my first date....ever! I'm all ready to go, taxi booked for fifteen minutes from now! Reason I'm blogging is I haven't really expressed what's been going on in my head with the whole "first date nerves thing", have I? A friend of mine texted me this afternoon, saying, Date tonight? and I realised I've kinda been pushing it to the back of my mind!

And now it's here, right now, tonight! I feel so ill, worse than I did before my first date, aged 16 to see turner and hooch in the Adelphi....see not a real date, so this counts as the first! I like the guy I'm going out with he's lovely, really nice...and i don't really know how to handle nice! I'm not great at accepting compliments, so he is a bit scary to me. There is always that bit of my brain thinking, "why is he being so nice? What does he want? Is he gay?"

So I'm trying not to over think, a quick shot of Polish vodka helped a bit! So if you are reading this tonight please think of me...send out your positive energy into the December night, that he is what he seems to be, and that I am what he thinks I am!


  1. Ok, all will be revealed on my Midget Wrangler blog....I'm writing as we speak)

  2. It's Saturday evening in my part of the world and I'm tuned in for the post, this is not something to be proud of I fear!

  3. I'm sorry guys, believe it or not I'm finding it difficult to write this one....

    Voodoolady where are you? and how did you find our funny little blog?