Saturday, December 08, 2007

I guess I'm a crotchety old b...

I hatehatehate text speak.

No, seriously.  I loathe it.  People who do textspeak to me become a lower class.  For heaven's sake, the phones have predictive text...USE IT.  And if you text speak in an EMAIL?!?!  What the hell is your problem?  I've seen posts on blogs (in teh comments) that are in textspeak.  If you are smart enough to have typed in the freaking web address, you're competent enough (barely) to type in full words.  Not like typing is a skill you need these days or anything.  Will the world end if you have to take two extra minutes to type full words?  I think not.

Lazy c*nts (as Twenty would say).

I was in a conversation about this on my private blog about a year ago, and got some comments that things like SOS, SWALK, etc were the text speak of their day.  Yes, I can see that.  But there are very few acronyms that can counter the insane way that textspeak is being used.


  1. Just be thankful you're not an Secondary school English teacher, that's all I can say.

    The worst thing I heard was that kids are starting to say 'Book', instead of 'Cool' because in predictive texting you get book first and they leave it at that and its leaked into verbal language!!!!!

    How do you feel about chat-shortcuts - I have to confess, I like LOL, WTF and IYKWIM.

    What flummoxes me is the amount of respectable, intelligent people who refuse to use predictive texting, as it's hard and confusing. What's that about?

  2. I have to agree I don't like it either...and I feel kinda short changed when I'm texted by someone who couldn't even be bothered to give me the time it would take to type in the total word....

  3. I have a colleague who writes official correspondence, obtainable under the Freedom Of Information Act in text speak.

    Wait until you open the paper some day and see "cud de gaf4 xplan hw he tinks we cud b xperts...."

  4. WTF? U shd gt a grp plkaaaaah! I b 2 with d txtspk (does it just involve the removal of all vowels? Let's try that.)

    Tht rlly mst b th wy. Jst t rmv ll f th vwls dn s wht y cm p wth.

  5. SL - I can read your vowel-less sentence, I love that.

    I don't like text speak, can't read it normally. I do shorten a bit though, esp when you're on dodgy PCs like now. I don't do lol or any of them.

  6. @jo: If I were an English teacher, I'd go postal on their asses ("What's this?! LOL?!?! YOU FAIL!!!!!"). I don't use many of those acronyms, normally I'd only use ROTFL, but lately I just say BWAHAHAHAHAHA. or /snorfle :-) I LOATHE the word addy. For fuck's sake, is it that hard to write address? No one I know who have been on the net for 20+ years would EVER write that, cause they'd be discredited as a n00b!

  7. MW, that's just how I feel. I don't rate the few minutes, even when I've sent you what ends up being 4 texts put together?! I mean, seriously.

  8. Tib, you need to give me one of the things that he's written. I'll *so* FOI it.

  9. Milan, small things are okay (like your esp). But all the other crap (like SL's post)...that's worthy of launching GB on someone's ass! :-D