Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Carnal pleasures.. bring on the heat...

It's hard to avoid the euphemism but my favourite carnal pleasure is not the obvious, but heat. Aahh heat, it's the best experience the body can ever have. Drinking, eating, sleeping, being fit, lazying, doing rude things, etc, none of them beat the pleasure of heat in all its manifestations.

I love the heat of the shower in the morning, especially against the less fatty parts of my flesh, I love being immersed in a hot bath, even better is the full body immersion of lying in the sun in the park on a rare hot summer's day. I love hot drinks, the sensation of the hot liquid going past my throat, I love soup for the same reason, I love hot food, I'll always pick ropey hot food like a pot noodle over fancier cold food like a croissant, I love the reflected body heat from a quilt when you've been in bed for a while, I love heating my legs against an open fire, I love sneakily pressing the mug against my feet or legs when I've just finished drinking hot water and the cup's still hot, I love the heat of the hot water bottle against my stomach when it's in pain or when it's not....

.. there's so many great things about heat, and it's not the same in reverse. When I'm on holidays and roasting, getting cooler through liquids or whatever is relieving but not pleasurable to anyway near the extent as heat.

Some like it hot..and that's me.


  1. Milan, it's funny isn't it how some people are warm and some are cold, maybe there is something to the chinese medicene, Ying and Yang etc. I am always warm, always, I'm like a little oven, people are freezing, I'm all cosy and warm! It's cos I'm well insulated!

  2. Aw Milan I prefer to feel cool. When I'm running I'm known as the person who will wear virtually nothing! I hate being warm. I associate it with a feeling of suffocation. I worry before certain mountain races that for safety reasons they will make us wear jackets! I worry more about that than the race itself!

    But I don't think it's the same as you with the heat. I don't get pleasure from being cold, it's just how I feel comfortable.