Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Property Developers......mad bastards

Well then. I am now fully ensconced in my new store. It has been an absolute motherf**ker of a job getting this store off the ground. You know all those property shows on tv where there are all these people trying to make a quick buck through property development, well leave them to it. I am now a firm believer in purchasing a fully furnished, finished tried and tested property.

Electricians, non english speaking builders, sound system installers, till installers, carpeters, carpenters, council (listed building), eircom, bord gais the list goes on, the one thing in common with them all is that they all fucked me over on at least one occasion if not more.

So was it all worth it?? The store looks beautiful so in that sense yes. On a personal level I must say that it is something that has been an excellent learning experience but not something I would like to do on a daily basis.

The store is located on Clare St....Where Greenes bookshop was. We have had some very positive feedback as the building is in keeping with the buildings 300 years of age. We have also had some strange negativity.

"I cant believe what you did to those lovely people in Greenes".....ehhh, they sold up like a year ago...........
"Do you sell stamps"...With shirts and suits throughout does it look like we do?
"Hi, I am Billy the postman and I can see the girls working away there, ah don't things change".....I feel sad for this guy, he now pops in to say hello everyday.

On reading the post about the lady waiting for her son outside the changing room, I have one for you...

I was trying on a pair of jeans a few years back and when I was changing back into my clothes I forgot to put my trousers on. You know where you are on a break and in a rush. Well I got my shoes on and a leg out the curtain before I realised. Thanks be to god I was not seen. I would have died a red faced, deeply embarassed death.

Happy Valentines day xxoo z(which is dirtier than an x and o)


  1. That's gas. I'd be morto. A few months I was outside a restaurant on the quays in my finery with my back to the traffic when I noticed that my skirt was caught in my knickers and was that was for 5 minutes. It's a classic mistake but flashing to all the taxis and trucks on the quays is another thing.

  2. Meant to say, I'm just round the corner from Greene's, I'll have to go round and check you out.

  3. Greenes, was the kind of place you passed and went aww, that's nice but I have only been in there a few times, I suppose people feel the same way they did about Bewleys, don't want to go in there and give it business but also don't want it to close down!

    Good luck with the new job! OH and try to remember the trousers, could scare the postman!

  4. Greenes' was a kip. I walk from work into town on my way home, just for the exercise like. Stopped in Greenes' once cos of the shite people use to say about it being great.

    It was a shitehole of the highest order. Idiot I commend you on taking it over and will call in screaming...."I'M LOOKING FOR AN IDIOT"

  5. OH I've just realised that...now we all know where you work, and it's the run up to Christmas so we are gonna be in and out of town, aren't you terrified you'll get people wandering in off the street, probably after a 3 egg nog lunch and they will start looking for an idoit! I mean obviously I would never, ever, never do anything like that but we do have two former (recovering) americans writing for the blog, and who knows what they would do :-)

  6. A recovering American - great way to describe someone

  7. Guys dont mean to take away from Idiots anonymity but just look for the manager and he will appear lmao.

    Going to pop in today myself and go off on a rant about corporate takeovers even though that aint what happened but I can make a fuss. I am sure the little Bro wont mind.

  8. Maybe we could organise a flashmob for just such an occasion...

  9. Hmm, I also work very close by! Tiberius, you are correct, Greene's was an absolute dive! Also, the post office didnt even open at lunchtime, eh hello? What time of day do people usually get out of the office to buy stamps? Sorry, separate christmas card posting induced rant. Anywhoos, best of luck with your endeavuours Idiot! Ooh, Lol!

  10. To be fair Mossie, no post offices open at lunchtime....