Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Disgruntled taxi-men victims are us..

I live ten minutes from the airport which is brilliant for leaving at the last minute or when you have to get an early morning flight and you can call on relatives to pick you up guilt free. All good until you have to get a taxi home...

Taxi-men who queue in the airport expect to get a juicy southside fare pocketing at least 35 euro, then I get in and its a tenner fare and they're not happy. Usually you get disgruntled service or a full on moan and then some times - like today - they go out of their way to go the longer and most trafficky route just to pile on a few quid to the fare. I was really angry with the taximan today, but didn't say anything.. grrrrr, poxy dodgy taxi-men.


  1. heheh. When I looked at 'poxy dodgy' I read 'podgy', initialy. I thought youd been ripped off by a chubby taxi driver and you were being relly specific.

  2. That's funny. He wasn't podgy though, he was thin. lanky and wore a tracksuit. I wasn't going to pick a fight.

  3. Sunday week I had a really scary journey, he was mad, and it was so bad I got him to stop over a mile from my house and walked late at night the rest of the way in my heels!