Sunday, December 09, 2007

Drink! Feck! Arse!

Was IM'ing with MW tonight, and the topic of drinks came up (as she's not having much due to her diet, and I'm kinda not supposed to have much/any cause I'm still nursing, and also all the good drinks have dairy in them...I'd think soy eggnog isn't so hot)...

I want to know...

Favorite drink of all time?

Favorite holiday drink?

For me, I'm back on teh gin and tonic (heavy on the tonic and lime.  A friend said to me, after taking a sip, "Are you sure there's gin in that?")

Holiday drink?  It's been YEARS since I had eggnog, and I want it BAD!!  Being on a special diet over Christmas SUCKS (last Christmas wasn't so bad, since the Baby had just been born, and I was able to finally eat again after 7 months of barfing).  I love me the party, this post isn't all about me.  Fine.  

Spill it.  Faves.  If you're really really good, I'll try to make sure we have some of them at the next drinks meetup!


  1. Mulled cider is good! I know it's not the same as the mulled cider in the states! But good! But for me it'll be good old vodka and diet mixer or anything with the word "light" on the label!

  2. I know it's not alcoholic and you can drink it all year round, but hot chocolate while you're wrapping pressies is deadly!

  3. I love the eggnog too, despite the whole raw egg issue! Vodka and tonic is my drink of choice, but I'm all for cocktails - champagne or cava with red in it, like in the Sainsbrys ad, that looks good, I put bunches of redcurrants in flutes one year and it looked beautiful.

    Black Velvets are pretty Christmassy - champagne and guinness, mmm.

    I like mulled wiine too, especially for the smell in the house.

  4. white russians are my favourite Christmas drink, mostly cos they always remind me of very nice Christmasses passed and all.

    Other drinks: mojitos for the win!

  5. I am with RP on this one Mojitos at present are a big fav of mine, although far to expensive!

    Holiday wise any cocktail at all that my spanish friends can muster up, always nice and fruity.

  6. I can't do cocktails anymore...I think it comes from the years of mad cocktail parties that lasted all night and into the next day! And they were "real" cocktails, strong, not like the ones some bars sell, which have no booze in them!

    I suppose my favorite nearly cocktail would be the polish vodka with apple juice and I'm not enjoying that because of the sugar rush from the juice!

    I'm thinking fat and happy was preferable to slightly smaller and unhappy!


  7. I'm with my ancestors, whiskey is the only way to go!

  8. MW - i remember those cocktail parties.

    hot water, diet coke, orange juice, mojita, hot port, mulled wine.