Sunday, December 09, 2007

Grafton Street

Doesn't it look beautiful with the new decorations up? So appropriately bling-y. I couldnt find a photo. Shanachie?

I had a pleasant shopping experience today - the key was brevity - one toy shop on Dawson Street, full of great stuff, then whoosh into BTs where I found the perfume of my dreams but not of my pocket, sadly. Still, it was fun sniffin. Then, having missed the rain, I nipped home. That's the way to do it! I may not even have to go to Dundrum. It's scary how easy it is to spend money though. Usually each year I get some Trocaire gifts and ideally donate to Focus. Which I must do this year too.

I don't quite know how to justify what I spend on presents, as that money could save lives. But if I wasn't going to splurge on presents, I wouldn't spend it at all, as I can't afford it in the first place. What a bad argument. I can see the flaws, really. I haven't yet worked out where to go from here.


  1. Jo its there on my blog and has been for 2 weeks now since blogging for me has halted due to work and parties etc.

    For those interested in what Jo is on about click here

  2. I actually gasped on Friday night when I saw them! miss Switzers windows though!

  3. Love the deorations but hugely disappointed it's not an open air skating rink as TV had led me to believe :(

  4. They look very nice. I prefer town cause I'm in there and it's easier to get to than the outer shopping centres.