Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Errrr....Ummm hahahahaha hope you enjoyed my joke post yesterday.....

Hmmmm, flashmobs, people screaming idiot.....It's just as well I was playing an April fools on you all...errrrrrr....ummmmmmmmm.....shit, why can't you all be from Drogheda or somewhere like that....10% discount for all Nine Pounders!!! Yay! (as long as you are well behaved)


  1. What do you sell/ do/ provide Idiot? Sorry I can't work it out from the post!!?

  2. In theory your post could be internet advertising....hmmm?

  3. Well I past yesterday lunchtime and he sells fancy shirts. I saw 2 people inside and again couldn't remember the name of the post but smiled thinking I could have known one of the 2 workers inside the shop.