Sunday, December 16, 2007

Four million bicyles in Bejing

There are too many people in the world. When I was in UCD we used to call it queuing for a degree... apparently students amade a film about al the queues, in the library, the canteen etc, and when they showed it it was so popular, people were queuing to get in...
Last week, we went to see Santa and get our tree from Powerscourt. he's a great Santa, you get lots of time, a quality pressie, a badge and the Christmas fairy takes a polaroid. it's still a little intimidating for weenies - another father made the brilliant comment that it was a little like meeting the pope! Last year we must have one earlier in the year - we got there before ten, and there was no-one else there. This year we were late, and there was a two hour wait by the time we arrived. No Way. So we told my daughter we'd come back early this week, and she agreed.

We didn't make it for nine, it was closer to ten (sleepless night with children, husband out late playing a gig, wouldn't get up... again...) an again, by the time we got there, Santa had arrived late, and there was a three hour wait - I was all set to feel disgruntled at my husband again, until he told me that people had been there since six thirty. In the morning. With their kids.

Now I'm not a huge fan of the Santa-visit, not having done it myself as a child. So I cannot imagine what would move people to do this with their young kids. We went and had a hot chocolate, and I'll being her back tomorrow, she can have time off Montessori - I checked, and it'll be empty tomorrow morning. It's just crazy. I would take an hour off work if i wanted to go that much, not queue for three. There are too many of us - Avoca was so nice with no-one in it this morning! I hate my fellow man en masse, I have to admit, and I think we're being driven to insanity by the amount of us around. It's reaffirmed my commitment to having only two children!


  1. I totally agree, two children is the perfect family! And you have one of each!I was just looking on the ice cream Ireland blog, I look but I can't touch, and they said the santa in the national park in Kilarney has a twist, the kids don't get a tow they bring a toy for less fortunate people!

  2. I hate queuing for anything at anytime. I would rather pay someone to dress up as santy in the middle of a shopping centre than queue up for hours.

  3. 3 hours for Santa? Seriously? Jo you need to start hangin out in more downmarket shopping malls.

  4. 3 hours for Santa. I remember being brought to the one in our local L&N and there used be no queues. Definitely down market santa for me in the future!

  5. I totally agree also.. the world is getting too crowded! Being 55 I remember a time when you never waited in line. Housing developments are popping up like mushrooms after a nice rain and undeveloped land with old-growth trees are a thing of the past. The oceans are over-fished, energy is running out and the ice-caps are melting. Our species is putting too much strain on all other ecosystems on this panet. I think the time has come to have only 1 child per family, develop sustainable energy and practice the 3 Rs... reduce, reuse and recycle.