Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Golden Compass is Crap!!! (not in Rhyme)

Mossie does the best movie reviews, we all agree! But I am the blogger who goes to all the movies and then tells you the ones to avoid!

Avoid this one!

I read all three books and loved them, unputdownable! But the film was a bloody disaster. Now I'm not one of these people who hates all film adaptations of books, I think they can bring a different quality to a story, maybe even encourage people to read more books! If you went see this and hadn't read the books, like my friend T who came to the film with me, it wouldn't inspire any passion in you to begin reading them!

T only came because James Bond was in it! Imagine her disappointment when he was only in it for about ten minutes! Now the effects were great (always a kiss of death when someone says that...) and the actors were great, Nicole Kidman was beautiful, very 1930's and quite evil. My favorite character though was the, even in the book I loved him! Imagine having a mate like that? I'm not into bestiality but for a fictional giant armoured polar bear I'd be open to persuasion!

>So in short don't go see the movie, buy the books, or buy them for someone else for Christmas and they will thank you!


  1. but what's wrong with it? Why isn't it good? It looks so good! I'm gutted!

  2. Hmm I am really in two minds about seeing this now as I have read other bad reviews aswell.I haven't read the books but they seem right up my street (Big Harry Potter and Lemony Snickey fan). Think I will have to invest in them when I come home next year. I can't buy anymore stuff while I'm away 'cause it will never make it home with me!

  3. What's worse (a) religious fanatics berating a film because they think it's latently anti-religious (this film) or (b) anti-religious fanatics berating a film because they think it's latently religious (Narnia)??? They're both ignorant bollocks if you ask me.

  4. I agree. It's grand and all that but not as mind opening, unputdownable and memorable as the books. But then what adaptations ever are?

    As with all big spectacles like this it loses the subtlety in the broad sweep.