Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am, I Feel!

Another track from my MP3 Player, Alisha's attic, I am, I feel! I loved them, had the album, even saw them play in what was then the mean fiddler, at least 11 years ago now! This is one of those angry woman songs....but poppy!


  1. Oh I loved this song. Myself and my best friend used to sit in her room trying to figure out the lyrics (this was before you could just google them!).

  2. Bet ya didn't know (or care) that Brian Poole from The Tremeloes is their aul lad and that Karen (the blonde) wrote Red Blooded Woman and Chocolate for Kylie.

  3. You are a source of useless information ;-) That's what men are for isn't it? Anyway, I knew that they had a famous dad, did not know the kylie connection. You should be exploiting this useless information knowledge for your own advantage!!!