Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy annual festival of failed expectations

I hate new year's eve. As far as I can recall I've had one really good new year's eve, in 1994. Of the others some were good, some terrible but they all had an expectation of being a great night and never lived up to it. But there's also the expectation that you should celebrate it and so continues the cycle. Birthday's can be a bit like that but somehow new year's eve is always a lot worse. It's like the start of the year to come and when it goes bad it's an annual sign of a year of failed expectations to come. I'm already not looking forward to tomorrow night. I have plans to go partying, like I should; I still haven't decided between drink and the car, but the sooner it's all over the better.


  1. We were all planned to have friends over, no going out, couldn't be arsed - it's no fun unless you have a big gang. I think 95 was my only good year out!

    Sadly firend is ill, so it'll jsut be Jules for entertainment, I like watching him get drunker as the night goes on - the husband will be home for the first time in years, so that's nice, though I can't see him staying awake too long!

  2. My HUGE plans are already in full swing! I'm sitting in front of my PC surfing the net, then I plan to crack open a bottle of whiskey and a bag of minstrels while I watch sentimental Woody Allen Films I bought on DVD today.

    My love to you all x

  3. Ok, day started badly, flat tyre! Spent the afternoon with Polka, needed some hugs and cups of tea, kids played the Wii, Then home, fed the small people, off to my friend Tricia's house, couple of glasses of sparkling wine and home by ten, put baby to bed and watched chicken run with the older two, while I ironed and make my spiced chocolate pecan pie (visiting my friend on Wednesday, and I'm providing dessert).

    My daughter crashed at about 11.15 but my son made it to midnight when we raised a glass of crappy cava to 2008! he says he prefers champgne!

    Happy 2008 guys!

  4. Didn't do much, but I did finish the fucking hat. And did hang with MW and the kidlets, which rocked. Cracked the prosecco at midnight...and at 12:02 the baby woke up. Like he has a sixth sense about me and having a damn drink (or he wants some.)

  5. Lord - we actually didn't make it - I fell asleep on the sofa by 10.30 after a disappointing Thai takeaway - my beloved Indians took the night off, the baxtards.

    We crawled into bed shortly before midnight, got woken by astoundingly loud fireworks (quite nice actually, I could see them in my mind while snuggled inbed), exchanged a sleepy Happy New Year then fell back asleep - for about 5 minutes, after which my fevered baby or nightmare ridden daughter woke me every 15 minutes or so. I hope this is not indicative of how '08 will be.

  6. Watched fireworks while drinking/talking/eating/singing maudlin Irish tunes with 15 or so friends under the stars. How bad. Last year it was a steak dinner and a bottle of bubbly with my fella. Swings in roundabouts.