Wednesday, January 02, 2008


My mother in law goes away to see her sister each new year, in London. She's never very happy to go, since her grandchildren have been born she's not so into it, she keeps saying she wants to stay home and see them, that she's too old. And yet, she goes every year. This year she booked an open ended ticket, as her sister hasn't been too well, though despite my MIL's terrible fears and predictions, she's fine!

The Juice have a gig in the Sugar Club, a lovely venue, I would have loved to see them there - but it's on the 5th, I asked her if there was any chance she'd be home by then, she vigorously denied she would be, and I said of course, don't worry, I was just checking - just don't come home on the 6th... No, no, she wouldn't be home by then.

I just heard my husband on the phone to her, heard him say 'see you Sunday'. I don't know why I'm surprised - she's coming home on the 6th...

The one consolation I'd had for having to miss the gig was to get a little break from her, she's been driving me nuts recently, and I haven't been making her happy either.

But no, she's back - the husband is working from today through to Saturday, then playing the gig, he will doubtless sleep most of Sunday, then go pick her up at the airport. You can call me mean spirited - I don't care:


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  1. I have a friend with a classic MIL/DIL relationship. I visited her in hospital on the birth of her second daughter. MIL made a pass remark about trying for the son next, my friend retorted that she'll make her husband (son of MIL) get the snip first. It was open war between them in front of both sides of the family. She did end up having the son & MIL is living in a granny flat next door to them, but they still don't get on at all.