Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mom's Leaving Home!

Dear friends, fellow bloggers, commenters and lurkers,

I hope this letter finds you well? I am fine, the weather here is cold and crisp, how is it in your neck of the woods? For several months now I have been trying to make a decision about the blog and the last week or so I have reached what I hope will be the right decision.

I am gonna stop writing for the group blog, I have my own blog and please, please visit it and see what I'm up to, I'll pop over here and comment if you don't mind too much? I started writing for this blog at the very beginning when Someone Living asked me, and I have really enjoyed the sense of community that comes from writing for this blog, but my life and situation has changed so much that it just doesn't feel like the right place to express myself anymore.

I did consider just not writing and kinda fading away into the background, but two things stopped me, I consider you guys friends and also I want to remind you to visit my blog!!!!

By the way if you guys get nominated for a Blog award.....I'm coming back! If Mr Pink can do it so can I!

Lots of Love and Kisses

Midge x x


  1. I can't pretend I'm happy but I do understand where you're coming from as we've discussed this extensively MW. We'll all be reading you and you're welcome back anytime.


  2. Aw`MW.....
    Will of course be reading the blog....

  3. you'd better put up a new post at Wrangler ranch, then, missy!

  4. Sniff! Now I know how my folks felt when I moved out! :-(

  5. Aw Guys! I'm gonna post my rapidly shrinking ass in gear and start posting asap!Jeeze!

  6. MW - I can't believe you're leaving,,, don't goooooo, don't leave me now now now.

  7. Who'll chastise me and remind me that I'm young when I'm really just bitter??