Saturday, December 08, 2007

Not so Festive


I read in the IT today, that THREE restaurants in the Powerscourt Centre have been shut down due to cockroach infestation.

This means two things - one, that the roaches have expensive taste, and more worryingly, the climate is warming, the roaches are here, and soon, surely, they will be in our houses? You'll be pulling the sock from the mouse hole and begging the button eyed darling to come back and fight off the fore of evil then, I tell ya!

I was moved to write this small but hysterical post after knitting and re-knitting the same row five bloody times, and strangely, while watching Men In Black. Shudder, giant bugs.
I'm sparing us all a photo on this one.


  1. free range snakes....that wouls solve the problem, I'd rather have Sammy slithering around than Rodger the Roach!

  2. Yes, I'd be investing in a snake lright. I was thinking about he mysterious disappearance of Sammy yesterday. I hopes he makes a grand return one day.