Saturday, December 08, 2007

The posting of the beast

Pinky's Sesame Street post? Number 666. Would I joke about something like that? :)

Just some admin, there seems to be a bit of a "meh" going on with regard to a meet before Christmas so I'll leave it til January, float it again and see who is interested.

Interesting? 4 times the normal daily traffic on the 4th because of GB's now deceased post which shall remian nameless. Fascinating.


  1. FOUR TIMES more than usual? I wonder if the people who complained about the post would get the same level of interest in anything they've written recently.

    Milan, it was about the late Katy French. I took it down because it got some of the more stupid elements of blog land all morally outraged. My next posts will be about wineracks and how they should bring back hanging!

  2. 666 - apparently it's not the umber of the beast at all - despite being the phone number of my loca Apache, and possibly the gardai in Dundrum.

    I saw this on a programme - some organisation changed their number from 666 to 661, not wanting t be associated with Satan - which is beautiflly ironic as the Satanic number is apparently 661....

  3. "Six.... six six.... It's the number of the cops!"

    Have yiz never noticed that? All the cop shops in Dublin start with 666 except the ones in North Country Dublin. Babbriggan, Rush, lusk etc.

    Conspiracy theories anyone?

  4. I've noticed that if they ring you the 666 part of their number doesn't show on your phone....

  5. GB - what was the general theme of your posting? I love all things controversial.