Saturday, December 29, 2007

Obvious post.....

Well was Santa good to you? Did he bring you what you deserve? I got an MP3 player(yeah I'm very late jumping on the bandwagon!) and it hasn't left my ears. I can't even remember what the kids whining sounds like.

Whadjya get.....?


  1. I gotta fab bun-cookie jar from a lovely friend ;)
    And I bought myself a gorgeous coat just before christmas that turned out to be my present from my husband, as he'd been about to go out and look for one! But it was just too good to miss. He also got me all the BEll X 1 albums.
    I got a lovely filter kettle I've wanted for ages and a Raley purse.

    Inspirationally, my godmother gave us money to go out to dinner and the promise that she'd babysit! No there's a present: no plastic tat or landfill, but something to keep nonetheless.

    I'm so the lucky girl!

  2. I got Taladega Nights on DVD (very funny), 2 old David Bowie CDs, 2 left-hand calenders, a big fancy red hardback book of Jane Austen's novels, and other bits and pieces.

  3. I got a very scary nightie......very very very scary!

  4. I got a 'Team Perez' t-shirt from a friend, which to me is cool but to most others is either really sad or just not making sense.

  5. I got a ps3 for christmas which is cool only that it died on me last night. Seems to be a common enough problem with the ps3 according to research I have done on Google.

    Anyhow replacement is going to happen so happy enough days I suppose.