Friday, December 28, 2007

Let's pretend it's 16 December..

I had planned a post for 16 December for ages, had a reminder in my phone and all but got side-tracked with the Christmas revelry etc. Anyway, it was a post in celebration of two celebrities who were born that day. One male, one female; born 5 years apart, died 10 years apart; one English, one German; one a master of music, the other a master of literature; neither married; one died of lead poisoning , the other of Addison's disease.

Although one was a cynic and the other a rebel, both were masters of Romance and inspired generations. Have you guessed yet? It's Jane Austen and Ludwig van Beethoven. Both have given me years of pleasure and entertainment. I don't know if they've ever been compared before but I always do since I discovered they share the same birthday. Although with Beethoven it's only presumed he was born on 16th because he was baptised the next day and it was custom at the time to be baptised the day after birth. Anyway, I digress. Here are some random recollections for your viewing pleasure:

Ode to Joy - Die Hard styley..

Scene from TV film Eroica:

Vintage P&P:

S&S, can't wait, starts next week:

The classic Emma remake:


  1. Aw Milan, if only it was the 16th December! I'd be celebrating again.......(it was my birthday too....)

    Still find Clueless a bit odd...she falls in love with her stepbrother FFS!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday.
    Yea but Emma ended up with her sister's husband's brother, and the nearest LA equivalent was the brother by marriage. There wasn't any biological connection and they didn't grow up together. I do think the Woodie Allen story is a bit weird though.