Monday, December 10, 2007

Post 678 for all that it matters!!!

So am I late?

Am I not as festive as I should be?

What am I talking about?

Christmas trees and the decorations that go with it. Myself and mrs achie decided to decorate the house this weekend. So up to the attic I went to get all those boxes stored to the left of the attic door. Poor boxes were cold and had that lovely musty attic smell. Anyhow downstairs I went carefull not to fall with the overbearing weight of all that has been collected over the past 11 years.

So the decorating began, just like years gone by, the tree went up the lights went on, on with the tinsel and baubles etc etc. But unlike previous years we now have a problem, a 17 month old problem.

1 felling of the tree on Saturday night, 3 broken baubles, and some broken wooden decorations later the tree was tied to the banisters of our staircase but little achie presists. Of course unlike last year all these lights and glittery things are going to be very cool for the little one, but how pray tell can we stop her been so interested in wanting to pull everything down again.

We have tried the "hot hot" in relation to the lights, but in her head, little hands can avoid the hot lights, we have tried blocking the base of the tree of with our nest of tables but that just proves to be a way of her exercising her strength.

After writing this I look back at my original questions and now feel I am to early putting the decorations up and festive? well reading this I am starting to wonder.

Any ideas are more then welcome.

On another note a way to stop her grabbing my glasses (spectacles) would also be appreciated since she broke mine on Friday.


  1. I have an uncle in the farming sector, could do a line on an electric fence? Not serious just 200 volts say?

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  3. I gave up wearing glase, now I just do without! A fried buys those Titanium bendy ones.

    AS to the Christmas tree, I dunno. My daughter jut took all the baubles off the bottom, she never upended it! Maybe try placing a few child friendly ones there for her specific use, she might agree to leave the rest?

  4. Just remember it'll be easier next year! And those unbreakable glasses are good!This is my third time going through it, It's fake tree this year because it won't be as much mayhem if it's upended!

    Jo's idea of putting child friendly decorations at the bottom works too!

  5. I feel your pain. We put the tree up over the weekend, and the little monkey started in on it. All the fabric decorations and the ones we don't care about too much are low down. He's not looking at the lights (yet).

    I have a friend who made all her decorations from cookie dough when hers were small. She took a pic titled "You know you have kids when..." and the pic was of a decoration with a perfect bite mark and the corner missing :-)

    As for glasses..."NO BABY". Doesn't do much tho. Hand her another toy when she start acting like she's going to grab 'em.

  6. now u know how i felt for all those years ha ha ha ha just wait if my little dote upends ours ill get taz in to deal with her oh by the way anyone whose wondering taz is a miniture jack russel who dislikes kids

  7. I wish I had advice. All I have is sympathy from previous experience.