Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rate-my-Santa dot Com

We paid a visit to the man in red and white on Sunday. And while I must stipulate that the man himself was fine and pleasant and chatty to the kids 'n all, the Dundrum Town Centre Santa experience was sh*te. We queued for an hour and a half - OUTDOORS!! - only to find there was f*ck all INDOORS! Once you got inside the little Santa building, which is brilliantly placed on the Mill Pond by the way, there was a booth where you pay for the experience, then a little collection of stuffed characters and then a curtain into the man (or men, we were told there was 3) himself. Very disappointing and the gifts were rubbish, utter rubbish. Whoever is looking after the Santa Dundrum experience this year obviously thought it'd be a good idea if people were thoroughly miserable when they met the bearded one. I know that as kids we queued for hours outside Clerys or Switzers but since we had a magical window display to gawp at and didn't get out much anyway we had nothing to complain about and loved every minute.

Anyone been to a good one?


  1. Santa in Dundrum is crap this year, nice man shame about the rest of the experience! I've heard nothing but bad!

  2. We go to Powerscourt, it's good. You need to go early and on a weekday though!

    We go get our tree, have lunch, and we saw Santa last year - and htere's real deer.

    I don't know if therell be time this year though, which sickens me.