Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Visit.....

So it was another humdrum day in the shop, not much going on just a lot of nose blowing and whinging about the cold. When suddenly I am approached by a strange American Woman. "Are you in charge here" she asks, "Yes I am indeed" I replied. "Are you some kind of idiot?"........ Normally I am quick of the mark but it took a few tense moments for me to cop on. "Hi I am Polkadot!" phew, was about to grab collar and arse and hurl out the door..

So, on realising who this was I knew I had to start as I meant to go on. I had to impress. I leaped nimbly over the counter, with my muscular thigh barely grazing the varnished surface. As my feet hit the ground I swept Polka into my arms and, with a deftly pointed finger, signaled my part-timer to play the music. The Tango. Dance of bloggers everywhere. The sliding of feet, the gyrations, the eye contact, the feel of her heartbeat next to my chest. It was intense. As we flowed from form to form becoming more adept at the dance and more in tune with each others bodies, the door opened.

There in front of me was a bearded man with a large vein pulsing in his forehead. "Oh I forgot, Atreus was outside waiting for me!" whispered Polka with fear in her voice. "Damn" I replied "We can finish this later babydoll". With that I made my move toward the awaiting Atreus. His fists clenched and unclenched with innumerable cracking of joints. This was not going to be pleasant. We met in the traditional wrestlers greeting shoulders locked testing each others strength and agility. It was only when I noticed two little faces peering through the door that I put an end to the impending violence. "But it's my birthday Mom". The anguish in his voice was palpable. Mustering up some vestige of decency I extended my hand toward the now calming Atreus and said "Hi I'm idiot, nice to meet you".

Thanks for calling in guys :)


  1. Does the shop have CC TV? Imagine that on You tube? Maybe there is a little bit of a white lie going on though? Polka's back is more suited to a waltz, not a tango!

  2. I regret not making myself known when I went in now.......

  3. I was too embarrassed to go past looking in from the outside. Wish I did now I'd love a good Tango. Idiot will you promise me a tango if I call in in the new year. I love your story.

  4. Lol. Beautiful. I see a future busiess for you in re-writing fictive lives for dull people like me! Love it :)

  5. I vote Idiot rewrites all our boring dull lives one by one for the New Year :)