Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Traditions?

Any of you got any special Christmas Eve traditions you'd like to share? What are you doing today that's special? Did you do things with your own Mum and Dad that you now do with your own kids? Share........


  1. Myself and the lads I grew up with go to mass in our old school then on to the local for what always ends up being the mother of all sessions. One of those nights that are never planned or spoken about but just happen out of the habit we've built up of going to the same boozer. There was 60 of us last year, big lock in, always a good one

  2. new pjs......that was the way in my house as a child, bath and into new pjs and robe and slippers!That was our christmas eve tradition and it still is the tradition for my kids nows! This year for me it's all about new I don't know, the kids and I went to Dundrum, just to soak up the athmosphere, then a veggie burger in Eddies, and home! Now they have started their own tradition....lets drive our mother to distraction! I have to be honest, I just feel nothing but tiredness about christmas this year, it feels forced and I'm already bored, with no partner to share things with it's difficult!

    Next year maybe somewhere warm?

  3. Can't remember any family traditions from when I was small. The last few years 2 of my sisters and I go to a different fancy mass. For the last 17 years I meet up with an old work crowd in Toners on christmas eve. There's usually a spot of last minute present shopping like today. And then let the telly-fest hibernation begin.

  4. SCalloped potatoes, red cabbage, ham with pineapple and cloces and maraschino cherries. christmas Eve dinner, then hang up stockings. And we were allowed have a Christmas Eve present to take the edge of the hysteria - somethin to cuddle, often.

    It's just taken my daughter wo hours to go to sleep!

  5. I started a new one this year.

    After work I went home and lay on my bed crying for an hour after my kids said "Happy Christmas Daddy" over the phone to me before they went to bed.

    It might not seem like much but in the context of not being in their lives on Christmas Eve it was more then enough to set me off.

    Have avoided drinking, thankfully. Sorry, this isn't really the place for that kind of thing and I don't want to ruin anyone's good feelings about Christmas but I'll be glad when the week's over.

  6. Never really had any...the only one is that as a child, my dad would read my brother and I Twas The Night Before Christmas. Happily, Dad's visiting now with Stepmom, and he read it to our son last night. Quite nice.

    Other than that, not much. We do have Xmas traditions (which is hilarious, since I'm jewish), but with food allergies in the family, that's gone out the window. Neighbors have drinks from noon, with an open door policy (MW, wanna come over?), so that's going to be nice.

  7. Cheers for sharing...even the sad moments.

  8. Yumm I love red cabbage, red cabbage with duck is divine!