Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When once a man has made celebrity necessary..... his happiness, he has put it in the power of the weakest and most timorous malignity (Samuel Johnson1709-1784)

I don't have a water cooler in work, well I tell a lie, we do but there's arseholes working over beside it so I prefer to go out the back and stick me mouth under the down pipe. Anyway here's my somewhat repetitive Wednesday morning water cooler rant - our love as a society for celebrity and the murder we let the bastards away with.

Was looking at the papers today and am further intrigued about how the phrases "troubled", "hell raiser" or "delinquent" are used to just justify behaviour that for the rest of us would be see us arrested/jailed/run out of our parish or just dubbed knackers. Today around the office the curse of celebrity is being used to excuse Britney's sister for getting up the duff, Manchester United's players for an alleged rape at the Xmas party, the ongoing saga of Amy Winehouse or Pete Doherty, who's in the news today for turning up as arranged for a gig - what else would he be doing?

It's really getting on my tits, check out how many celebs come up when you Google christian names. Try Pete and Amy and see what's the first result to come up. Speaking of which, if any of you have Google toolbar start searching for Jamie Lynn Spears, some of the autocomplete results are very disturbing.


  1. Its true, celebrity is the new aristocracy. It's like a celebrity ascendency. They're elite so they're allowed misbehave. Personally I wouldn't buy tickets for Amy Winehouse because I wouldn't trust her to turn up.

  2. Don't think it's necessary the new aristocracy Milan as it's so short lived mostly. Weird the thing about Britney's little sister, wonder how long Disney will allow her to stay on as the star of one of their shows. Trailer trash is as trailer trash does obviously.

  3. SL, first, Nick is owned by Viacom, not Disney.

    Second, I can't believe I just read that you said "Trailer trash is as trailer trash does obviously." What kind of statement is that?! Yeah, those stupid Louisiana folk, getting their girls knocked up at 16?, looking at the number of teen pregnancies in Ireland. That is possibly the most uneducated thing I think I've ever heard you say.

  4. Nope Polka, not uneducated, just prejudiced :) Trailer trash is a state of mind, not place and we have those mindsets here too and everywhere else in the world. I didn't mention the USA at all.

    My apologies though for not keeping up on who produces Jamie Lynn Spears tv show. Not high on my current list of priorities as you might imagine.