Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Return of the hammered Milan..

Oh yes, I'm back, I have to type everything a million times before getting the right letter, somehow m always ends up as comma until the tenth time. Now something interesting to say...mmmmm. no it's gone, I am officially without brain power. You know what, the last year or two has been all about new ways of doing things. Really mad mental ways of being attracted to people and even more mad ways of being drunk. Tonight I have short term memory loss. I was in the pub earlier and would think of a story when someone was talking but by the end of their story it had gone out of my head. A few months back I had my first memory block of remembering who I spoke to (including a father of a FLBP) but nothing of what I spoke about. Another time I had a more than normal honesty buzz, not good. Now it's just focusing on typing letters. I have a feeling this is all bollocks.



  1. What's a FLBP? I Googled it but got the Fédération Luxembourgeoise De Boules et de Pétanque.

    I doubt MA would know their aul lad though?

  2. I prefer Tib's acronym. Makes us all sound more exotic! More drunk Milan!!!