Sunday, December 02, 2007

When a smile isn't what it should be . . . .

We all know people with smiles that can light up your heart. Erstwhile normal looking people with smiles that make them look beautiful. But what happens when it's the other way round.

There's nothing as shocking and instinctively yet momentarily repulsive as noticing an ugly smile. I knew a man famed for his good looks, admired by hundreds of women, yet his smile was horrible, it was a total shock when I came across it first. It totally took away all his beauty. It's hard to focus on an ugly smile but it's rude to look away when someone is smiling. There's no easy answer. Then there's the girl in work with the laugh that sounds like she's choking her last breath in space, but that's another story.


  1. I'm intrugued by the guy from the Might Boosh. He's so sweet, and odd looking, yet attractive - but when he smiled, his teeth! He looks like a Geiger alien, or a thing that might eat you. I don't have BBC3 but the clips I've seen are equally scary!

  2. ok, so I love smiles, I love the little wrinkles we get when we smile, as you get older the wrinkles stay even when you aren't smiling (or if it's frown lines thet stay even if you aren't frowning) so you can tell a persons humour by the lines on their face!
    On laughs, I have to say I'm very aware of my laugh, the first boy I went out with, at 17 broke up with me cos I laughed too loud!Now at this point I sould mention that he had rather sharp teeth and a lisp, so my friends called him "the Wampire" after that!
    When I am really, really laughing I stop making noise and it's kinda the noise of a fish out of water.....

  3. I lovetalking to you Midge, beacue you talk in the same way I do (lots, and fast)but the only problem is, we have so much to say I keep forgettig to finish stories and points, leaving you with some weird beginnings - I'm always thinking 'oh Crap! What must she think of me!' on the way home...

  4. Totally agree with the laughter lines thing. I only noticed it on someone the other day who's younger than me yet has a lot of wrinkles around her eyes because she smiles a disproportionate amount. It's the sign of a good person :)

  5. My favourite wrinkle act is that you get that cat's arse rinly mouth from smoking, flute playing - an excessive whistling! Beware, whistling, smoker-flautists!

    It sound funny, but now that I think of it my mother did all three...