Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Aesthetic from Anaesthetic. It's the Dentist chair for me.

Climbing the Wicklow mountains one day, a friend of mine explained that the word aesthetic comes from the Greek for feeling or sensation and that anaesthetic is to be without feeling or sensation, hence the drug.

Anyway, it reminds me how I secretly love being in the Dentist chair, with the light shining heat in my face, the casual touch of the dentist at work, the relaxation as someone else takes control. Once you take away the fear, it's much the same as being at the hairdressers, but without the frustrated delays and intimidation. Given the fact that I'm ueber squeamish you would think that I'd hate the dentist, but I don't, and am grateful for same.


  1. feckin weirdo milan, you like dentists, I have a sound effect here in work I can send you for your IPod, a dentists drill do you want it as a high quality mp3.

    Sick Sick Sick. See the use of caps!

  2. I used to like it, a or at least not mind, but as my teeth get worse I'm getting wimpier. And I don't like those hairy manhands working away in my mouth. Why are dentists so man-like. I think I'll bring my daughter to the woman in te Vevay, she sounds good. Hopefully no hairy forearms!