Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Settee - I'm out and proud

For all my life, the three seater comfy chair in our sitting room has been called settee. Not sofa, or couch or whatever else. It sounds very grand and posh which is exactly what we're not. It's a settee in a working class estate. It was a settee all throughout the 80s. It was a settee when the family were surviving on dole and yellow pack food. And for this reason I've always been too embarrassed to admit to the word - even in post Celtic-Tiger Ireland. I avoid saying anything, or grumble a 'sofa' or 'couch'. Only to immediate family members could I use the 'settee' word.

But not anymore. I'm coming out. It's settee all the way. There's a plug behind the settee. We had to move the settee to sort the Christmas tree. I feel asleep on the settee twice last week and it was lovely.

By the way, isn't this image like a soft furnishings Vermeer?


  1. I have a seetee! They are much more homely than "sofa"!

  2. Dunno if if it's golen enough for Vermeer. I love the idea though.

    Nope I've a sofa - I don't even quite know how to say setee. seetee. Or spell it!