Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The award nominated..........

Now my fellow lima bean pickers it's time for a truly grand group night out. The nominations have just opened for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards in February and if we all fancy ending up on a list and in the audience then here's what we have to do.

If you are one of us or just like what we write then go here:

There are loads of spots for you to nominate all your favourite blogs but the crucial one is Best Group Blog. Enough people choose to put our name in there and we can call ourselves the award nominated LBPs :)


  1. I don't know what to do cause I'm conflicted between not wanting to be outed or have greater attention, vs liking a good bash. I'll sit back and follow whatever happens.

    Are blog parties full of nerdy geeks or is the stereo-type so last season?

  2. SL: Puh-leaze. Already done before your post.

    Milan: the blog awards are a gas. Here's the flickr group ( Not all geeky at all. I know four of the LBP were at the last one.

    Of course...if we win...who collects it?

  3. Milan - so last season. It's always a total laugh.

    Polka - as if I should have doubted you. I had forgotten, 4 of us in our pre-LBP days. Maybe we should all dress up like the hoodlum lads from last year? ;)

    I can't possibly hope we'd get shortlisted, let alone win but if we do I suggest every one of us in the room en masse who doesn't mind being outed! I don't think I'd be able to to be honest. The secret identity would be blown then. Yiz could show it to me later over a pint.