Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tidying up.. clarification & querying

I just remembered a post I did in July that nobody got & that I never clarified. It was titled "the John Cage posting" and there was nothing in it. It was a reference to John Cage who composed a piece of music entitled 4.33 which comprised 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence (see here). It may sound like a sham but it found its way into music & musicology history because of its originality.

Secondly I have a few blog queries.
1- I've asked this many times, where do you read the posting number from? Is it in "edit posts" or somewhere more convenient?
2-does anyone tick the box to have further comments emailed to them? Is it useful?
3-I've never used a label for a post, maybe I'll try it now. No, I can't think of any label to use. Does it make much difference?

I'm always behind on all this technology.


  1. Milan, for the tags, you could do music, technology, questions, milan...

    It's fun, cause then you can sort it by those tags. if we all tag with our names, we can see all our posts.

  2. I noticed Mil!!! I commented! Appropriately! :(

    Posting number? One more time. Look at "The Archive" in the right hand sidebar. Currently it's 717 for last year, 4 for this year, thus the next post will be number 722.

    Never ticked the box as I get all posts and comments in my mail anyway (a service, again, open to everyone if you just mail me and let me know)

    Don't do tags either. Just never got into it really.

  3. Sorry Herr Overlord I should not have doubt you.

    I can see the archive now. That's gas, it was in front of me all along. I need to go back to blog boot camp.

  4. John Cage is a ledgebag...i think i may have missed that post...but im well with you on him.

    and am going to look up the post now...

    which i possibly should have done before commenting, some day i'll get it right!

  5. Is ledgebag, legend in bag format? If so, that's my new favourite word. My sister & I have spent years trying to popularise freakbag.

  6. Gimme proper use of the term freakbag and I shall use it every day :-)

  7. bag in the 00ies is what city was in the 90s and central was in the 80s. An expression of emphasis added to the end of a noun. Hence dirtbag - which you should know from the song, and freakbag is just a stronger version of freak.