Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The award nominated...

I can say on behalf of all of us that we're thoroughly thrilled to have made the longlist for Best Group Blog at this year's Irish Blog Awards!!!!!!! We're up against some of the biggest names in Irish blogging so it's an honour just to be there. Thanks to everyone who suggested us and hello to the judges who will now be making their way here.

Hello :)


  1. no.1 the picture is sooo cute!

    no.2 Yay! We are bloomin great! A night out is called for!

  2. Can you picture the row over who goes to collect the Awards.

    SL and Milan kicking seven shades of shite out of each other while Idiot and Shan sneak up on the outside and into the spotlight

  3. Well, Herr Overlord can't, cause he' know.

    I nominate Midge to do it. She can bring Milan up with her.

    As an aside, I'm working on getting us those lapel pins...I'm going to make some for us. And I'm also hoping all of you will join me, Atreus and whoever else shows up about an hour before the do in the Ginger Man, next door to the Alexander.

  4. Well normally I would compete with HO but I'm sneaking into the background disguise for this one.

  5. Milan, you're competing with a ho? Don't sink to their level!!!

  6. Ladies, there's never enough hos (hoes) in the world....don't let anything put you off.

  7. I think our problem on the night were we to be shortlisted (highly unlikely) and win (even more highly unlikeleleley) would be would any of us be willing to out ourselves and go up!