Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Technology, meet thy master, his name is Moron

A friend tells me this picture is authentic. How perfect: beer, a working grill, and power plugs still free for, say, a laptop or a radio. To do its part, the power strip is floating in flip-flops.

One wave and---well, ok, maybe if they tried it in the United States the 110-volt charge might not kill all of them them quite as quickly as this will in Europe. But this could be one reason so few of us have outdoor pools...except for these geniuses, anyway.


  1. I think 110 volts would still do you damage? That's why waterproof stuff is usually only 12 volts or so?

    If we're taking a vote on it I don't think it's real....

  2. They look a bit like man hams to me.

    It's so fake.

  3. Soon to be boiled manham! I think it's fake because their stuff is now further away from them than it would be if it was at the side of the pool.

    However, it begs the question how stupid can you get before you deserve your own death?

    I know I posted this already - the question is, did I lose it or just post it to the wrong place? Sigh, I myself pay the stupidity tax every day!

  4. Speaking of stupid deaths - you should check out The Darwin Awards.

    They describe themselves as

    A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises. Honoring those who improve the
    accidentally removing themselves from it!

  5. Maybe it's just not plugged in to the mains....